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学院邀请英国贝尔法斯特女王大学 王海风 教授来校讲学。

题目:UK CHINA network of clean energy research


Prof. Haifeng Wang, SMIEEE FIET CEng.. He is the Chair in Electrical Engineering and Research Director of Electric Power and Energy Systems Research Cluster, School of Electronics Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, the Queen’s University of Belfast (QUB), Belfast, UK. He is the member of executive board of the Institute of a Sustainable World, QUB.

Prof.. Haifeng Wang obtained his BSc., MSc. and Ph.D in 1982, 1984 and 1988 respectively from the Southeast University that is among the top 20 from over 1000 universities in China. He obtained the 1st-grade Research Award of Education Ministry in 1985 and the 4th-grade State Award of Natural Science in 1991 respectively in China. He received the national award of outstanding young scientist from the Natural Science Foundation of China in 2002. Prof. Haifeng Wang came to U.K. in 1989 after he was awarded one of two Visiting Fellowships by the Queen’s University of Belfast, Belfast, UK. Subsequently he worked as a Research Fellow in the same University until 1993. Then he took a post of Research Fellow (Senior Research Fellow 1996) in Manchester Metropolitan University. He worked with the Power and Energy Systems Group at University of Bath from May 1997 to 2007. He joined the Queen’s Belfast in Sept. 2007.

Since 1994, Prof. Wang’s major research interest has been the power system modelling analysis and control, especially the Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS), aiming at the application of advanced control techniques and power electronics in power systems. More recently he has joined EPSRC Supergen project (Supergen1 – Future Network Technology and Flexible Network and Supergen3 – Energy Storage), working on the modelling, analysis and control of power systems considering renewable generation and energy storage systems. He has worked on projects sponsored by UK power companies, such as the National Grid Transco.(NGT), the Schneider Group and Toshiba International Plc. He was awarded the IEE Power Division 2000 Crompton Premium, 2004 Leverhulme Trust Study Abroad Fellowship, 2004 Royal Society Senior Research Fellowship and 2006 Global Research Award (from the Royal Academy of Engineering). Prof. Haifeng Wang has had over 200 papers published. He contributed one chapter in the book, “Flexible AC Transmission Systems”, published by IEE in 1999 and one chapter in the book, “Autonomous Systems and Intelligent Agents in Power System control and Operation”, published by Springer in 2003.

Prof. Haifeng Wang is the principal coordinator of a UK-China Network of Clean Energy Research participated by professors and researchers from over 30 UK Supergen universities and leading Chinese institutions (website:www.ukchinanet.com). He is the principal investigator of a UK-China joint research consortium on sustainable electric power supply, a four-year EPSRC project starting in Jan. 2009 with other eight co-investigators from Manchester, Strathclyde, Bath and Edinburgh). He chaired the 1st International Conference on SUPERGEN held in April 2009 in Nanjing, China.


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