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【讲座预告】Looking towards Future Real Time Digital Simulation Technology

日期:2019年05月29日     本文发布:www.3499.com

· Introduction real time digital simulation

· Trend #1: Custom designing hardware;

· Trend #2: Modelling of large power grids;

· Trend #3: Modelling of power electronics circuit;

· Trend #4: Exploring the use of FPGA;

· Trend #5: Advanced models of magnetic devices;

· Trend #6: Post analysis of simulation results;

· Conclusions and hope

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Yi   Zhang

Chief Technology Officer

& Vice   President Research and Development

RTDS Technologies Inc.

100-150 Innovation Drive, Winnipeg, MB, Canada   R3T2E1

Phone: +1-204-298-9387

Email: yzhang@rtds.com



Yi Zhang joined RTDS Technologies Inc. in 2000, where he now serves as Vice-President R&D and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Dr. Zhang has over 28 years of experiences working in the area of power system simulation and analysis. His expertise includes the Real Time EMT Simulation, Voltage Stability and HVDC, etc. As a principle member of the RTDS development team, Dr. Zhang developed a number of power system models on RTDS Real Time Simulator in the past over 19+ years. At present, he leads the research and development activities in RTDS Technologies. Dr. Zhang obtained Ph.D. degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and The University of Manitoba. He is a registered professional engineer in the province of Manitoba, a senior member of IEEE and a fellow of IET. Dr. Zhang also serves as an adjunct professor in the University of Manitoba in Canada and in Hunan University in China, and an editor of IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery.


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